Monday, February 9, 2009


This blog will be a bunch of posts combined, about random things I have been thinking about.

Meagan inspired me...I have been wanting to go on a road trip, or really any trip for a while now and she gave me the perfect excuse. She asked where I was going after I graduate from the U in May. I hadn't even thought of that.

So...I want to go on a trip for my graduation! Who wants to come? I have no idea where I want to go, probably not somewhere too far...maybe like California or Vegas or something. Give me your input of cool places to visit in May, and let me know if you want to come! It would be awesome to get a bunch of people together to celebrate.

Secondly, Hal is buying me an album from the amazing Duston Todd for Valentines' day. We have to put together a list of 80 pictures that we want and any possible phrases to accompany them. In other words, I again want your input. Go to and we are listed under the Forkner-Morgan Wedding. Make sure you're under wedding, because there is a seperate one for our engagements and my bridals. Let me know your favorites because the Album has 20 pages and he wanted us to pick 80 of them so he can organize and narrow the list down.

Lastly, Hal and I were watching the news last night and they started talking about a woman who had died in West Bountiful. Both of our families live in West Bountiful and we were wondering if we knew the person. Apparently I haven't been to my dad's in a while because it was our next door neighbor. I was absolutely stunned. My little brother Josh is close friends with their son Josh. It was their 19 year old daughter that passed away in a car accident. How awful, I very much feel their pain. Maybe I'll have to bake them a treat...because the last thing anyone want is to to be asked for the millionth how they are doing. Well, our prayers are with them.

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Monica Lynn said...

Firstly, there is no question that Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean should be our destination with a day or a half in Vegas. I say we, of couse, because I, of course, am in on a trip of any kind, of course.

Secondly, you know I love your wedding pictures so I will gladly roam over them again. Check out this gal too, she's a former YSA from So Cal.

Thirdly, I heard about the Bateman gal on Sunday and should have thought to call you. I think Adam saw the accident. The whole ward was very somber. But you know how West Bountiful is, they'll try to take care of her family as best they can. We should bake something at game night.

Fourthly, Pizza Box Edward is on. It may have to me cardboard box Edward, but he's still on.

Fifthly, Longest Comment in the Whole Entire WOrld!

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