Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moving Forward

So some big developments have begun to pop up in the wedding planning / life of Sam and Hal.

On Saturday after staying up late to get breaking dawn the night before Heather, Monica, and I went to pick out wedding flowers, yay! I am glad to have that almost done with. It will be a calla lily, rolled rose fiesta, eh? I am excited, I think that they are going to look good. We still have to get all of the vases together and figure out which ones go on which table and what we want to float in each of them. If anyone has any good ideas of things to float in vases, please let us know. I think this could be a good way to incorporate the fall aspect (its actually the day before fall begins, but oh well). We were thinking cranberries, pomegranates (if we could find them), the red asian pears, red apples...along those lines. We are also going to be doing flowers, but if you have any other awesome inspiring ideas please, please let us know.

Also, dun dun dun....Hal and I found an apartment. It's by the City County Building. It is super cute inside. It's pretty big and has sweet hardwood floors. We even get to start moving our stuff in soon. Yay! I am excited about that. Then we can have like a whole month to get moved in and get everything in place. Woo woo.

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Traci Janae said...

The flowers sound amazing! And! Congrats on the apt! :)

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