Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Party town

Here are some pictures from my birthday party in which I received some sweet presents.

This is a wedding planning book I got from heather and brittany. I think that's who gave it to me. You can tell Hal was super excited about that one.

Here is the dress that hal gave me. You can't see it too well but it has eyeleted poka dots. I am very excited for it.

So now the photographer and the reception center are booked for the 11th. So Hal and I might be changing the date. I figure if nothing is really working out for that day then possibly we aren't supposed to get married that day. So we shall talk about it, pray about it, and possibly find a new day that works.

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PinkyLunt said...

If you change it will you let me know, and make sure it's not changed to september 13. K?

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