Friday, May 12, 2017

Time For a Lyme Update

I thought it was time for a Lyme update. Partially for me to remember what it is I have been going through and part of it so I don't have to see the looks on all of your faces when I tell you my Lyme disease has relapsed.

But let's not start there, let's start at happier times since it's been a long time since I actually updated. In July 2016 my Dr. took me off all four of the antibiotics I was taking. I had been on a various cocktail of rotating antibiotics since November of 2014 and it felt amazing to finally get off all of them.
Not only was it amazing to not to have to take three to four antibiotics with all of my meals, but I felt amazing. I forgot what not feeling sick was like. It felt so good to have energy and motivation and to not feel limited by my health.

It made school so much easier to feel good and not have cloudy head or try to plan in sick days into my study time. I started working out again. I ran a spartan race with Hal's family as a symbol to myself of conquering Lyme.
It just felt good. My Dr said at my last appointment in March that I could continue to go off some of my supplements and that likely by the end of summer I'd be off all supplements. That was like music to my ears. The light at the end of the tunnel was finally visible.

After the Spartan Race, school ending and an awful red-eye where I didn't sleep my body got run down and I got a cold for the first time in like two years. My cold turned into bronchitis that took me a month to kick.
In January I got another cold which turned into a sinus infection that also took me a month to get rid of.

My immune system had just taken too many hits and even though I was feeling OK, I wasn't quite feeling 100%.

My chronic fatigue came back with a vengeance. I woke up one Monday morning, felt like I had been hit by a truck so I called in sick and slept until noon. I slept for almost 12 hours straight, got up, ate some food and went back to bed for a few more hours.
I've started noticing I'm having a hard time controlling my body temperature. I do the slightest exercise and I'm immediately pouring sweat. Literally the 3 minute flat walk to the bus stop leaves me sweaty, even when it's cold outside. I've also started getting some of the whole body aches I used to get a lot.

I was feeling concerned when my Dr. appointment rolled around on Monday, so I brought up how I was feeling and my Dr. said it sounds like my Babesia symptoms(a very common Lyme disease co-infection) are back. Thankfully I'm not back on antibiotics. Instead she's upping my supplements and putting me back on some she had weaned me off of as well as switching my diet.
But it means my Lyme has relapsed a bit. I'm a mixed ball of emotions. I'm so glad that my Dr. takes me seriously and addresses the problems so that I can actually get better, but at the same time I feel like I'm mourning where I thought I was, where I was hoping to be. I thought I was almost done, and now I've stepped back like a year. I know Lyme treatment and management will be something I deal with for the rest of my life, it's just disappointing to have such a large setback when I had been feeling so good.

So maybe for a bit, please don't ask me how I'm feeling. I may have some bad days and please forgive me in advance for canceling on you. Just know that most days I'm fine. That doesn't mean you can't say anything. I'll read your comments and feel happy and thankful to have you in my life and thinking of me, just don't be upset if I don't respond right now.

Here's a lit of my current supplements, mostly for myself but also in case anyone stumbles upon this who is also going through treatments.

Adrenevive                                                         Nattokinase
Artemisinin                                                         Omega 3
Astralagus Root                                                 Resveratrol
Boluke                                                                 Salt Stick Electrolyte
Chlorella                                                             Sasparilla root
Grapefruit extract                                             Soothe & Relax
Iron-C                                                                  SR-CoQ10 with PQQ
LB Core Protocol                                               Theralac probiotic
Methylated B-12                                                Vitamin D3

Sida Acuta
Crypto-Plus Microbial Balancer


Traci said...

Love you! ❤️We sure miss you two. So sorry you have to go through it but you're amazing and as beautiful as ever!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm sorry you are experiencing this but you will get through it! Your a fighter!!!!!

Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn said...

Your dog is so sweet! I'm so sorry everything relapsed for you, but so happy you have a good doctor. Lots of prayers and love for you!

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