Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 year in review

Facebook just told me that it's been 8 years since Hal became my facebook friend. Since we were talking in the hallway at church and told him what facebook was, and that he had to add me, and that I was the most important person to add; so he put a star next to my name and history was set forever.

Well it's got me feeling nostalgic and it being the end of the year, so I thought I'd finally get around to posting a little year in review.

1 move & 1 offer on a house
We moved once this year which brings us up to something like 11 moves in the last 7 years. We moved in order to help the second number 1 on this list. We put 1 offer in on a house. While we got our hopes up with a verbal yes to our offer, we're both glad in the end it fell through. This was a big step for us, and the house hunt continues in 2016

2 best friends
2015 really was the year that these two became best friends. Their personalities compliment each other so well and they're hilarious together. I can't imagine not having both of them around.

3rd year in DC
We started our 3rd year in DC. We have really grown to love living in DC and love the neighborhood where we live. DC is so centrally located and is filled with endless things to do, most of them free. It's also nice living in a destination city because then we get to see friends and family as they travel through.

4 weddings

We were so lucky this year to celebrate the weddings of four couples that we love dearly. Each one was in a different state, spread out across the country and we are so thankful that we could spend their special days with them, and be a part of their celebrations.

5 beach trips

Hal and I were kind of beach obsessed this year. Every chance we got, even with Hal studying throughout the summer we went to soak up the sun. We've never lived this close to the beach, so we try to take advantage of it at every opportunity.

6 years out of school
This May was 6 years since I finished school. Well that's all about to change in 2016. I'm headed back to school. I got into Georgetown's paralegal program and will start there next month. I'm really nervous to go back to school since it's been so long, but hopefully it's like riding a bike.

7 years of marriage
Hal and I hit 7 years of marriage in September. There's no 7 year itching going on, so I guess we can count ourselves pretty darn lucky.

8 years together
Look at what youngins we were! We were pretty much inseparable from the night that we met 8 years ago,

9 hikes
This year we went on 9 fun hikes. We love being out in nature and taking in the beauty of the earth. It can be so hard to escape civilization out here, so going on hikes has become a respite from busy life. We were pretty lucky to have some windows of good health where we could go on such long and intense hikes. Hopefully next year we'll be able to go on even more hikes!

10 trips
This year really was the year of short spontaneous trips. We went to so much fun places, New York, Savannah, San Francisco, Charleston, The Grand Canyon...just to name a few. We love exploring new places and love trying wonderful restaurants in new cities.

1-1 Certifications
I couldn't think of an 11, so I split them into two ones, because we had some really big things happen this year. We had 1-Hal became a fully licensed CPA. WOOHOO! After a year of studying his butt off he passed all of his tests with flying colors and became licensed. and 1- I became a fully certified doula!

12 months of Lyme
This whole year has been filled with Lyme. I've officially been on antibiotics for year. Sometimes it's hard to believe it's been that long, and other times it's hard to remember what life was like before I was sick. It's been filled with so many sick days, so many pills, and so many disappointments. But I try really had not to let Lyme define who I am and what I can do. It's so endlessly frustrating to feel limited because of Lyme, but I know that it won't be that way forever, so I keep pushing myself not to give in to symptoms.

We had a pretty crazy 2015. We were able to fill it with fun adventurous things despite life getting in the way. I can't wait to see what adventures await 2016!

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Torrie said...

What a fun way to do a year in review! Looks like a year full of a lot of important growth. And here's hoping that your Lyme stuff gets cleared away soon---living with a chronic condition is wearing and hard, but you're a strong woman and will come out even stronger on the other side. Happy end of 2015 to you and Hal!

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