Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Turned 28

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from our amazing trip home earlier this month. We went home for my birthday as a good excuse to play with friends and family with a week. We started out the trip in southern Utah with some friends hiking for 4 days. I promise you'll see more of our adventures soon.
But for now lets focus on the important part, my birthday celebrations while home! I had my very first Swig cookie. I've heard so much about them since moving away from Utah, and when we saw Bountiful now has a Swig store, we decided to check it out. It was a darn good sugar cookie; but nothing can beat out Parson's sugar cookies. I can't find sugar cookies like that out here.
My mother in law and Hal made me the most delicious dinner for my birthday party. Cafe Rio style tacos were just as good as the real thing. She even made me a pavlova with fresh berries and whipping cream for my cake. If you haven't had pavlova before, find some, eat some; and you can thank me later.

We had a Peace Corps friend who happened to be in town while we were home, so we got to have a joining of two worlds, our peace corps family meeting our real families. We had a very rousing rendition of the drawing game, which of course is the perfect ending to a night.
As the final celebration for my birthday, my brother in law took us sailing on the Great Salt Lake. This has been on my bucket list forever. I'm kind of obsessed with all things nautical, so sailing has been a dream of mine forever. This was the perfect ending to the perfect birthday trip. If you ever have the chance to get out and try sailing, I highly recommend it. 

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John & Judy said...

Looks as fun as it was. We love you both. You need to have more birthdays each year so you can come to see us! :)

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