Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We Moved & Other Stuff

Lets start with the good news first. I'm a fan of good news first.
This guy in all of his good luck beardy glory just found out he passed his THIRD CPA exam. Holla!! That means there's only one left. He's grown out his beard while he's studied for each test, and apparently it's worked. Next one up July 1st, so send beardy good luck vibes his way.
Hal also finished up another ultimate frisbee season. We didn't make it to too many games this season, but we love it when we do. I'm the official cheering section for the team, and Hal is always referred to as "shorts" by the other team. Now softball season is starting. Hopefully it's as fun as frisbee is.

Aaaaand we moved....again. For what feels like the millionth time. We reallllly didn't want to move.
We're going to miss that apartment. It was tiny tiny, but we're going to miss these big beautiful windows with wonderful views.

But we're looking to buy in 6 months or so, and they wanted to charge us over $1,500 a month for a 6 month lease, on our studio. Poo.
Luckily, our friends needed a bigger place and were looking for someone to take over their lease, which happens to have 7 months left on it. And happens to be about 5 minutes away from our old apartment.

So it was kind of a no brainer, and we packed up our apartment and moved for something like the 10th time in our marriage. And now it feels like we're living in a disaster zone.
We'll miss the pool and the view and our cute, comfortable, tiny apartment and enjoy having an actual bedroom for the first time in almost 2 years. Here's to hoping this is our last apartment!


Torrie said...

Way to go, Hal! May the beard continue to deliver :)

John Morgan said...

Congrats again on passing the 3rd exam!
Wish we could be there to help you move with the van!
Love you both,
Dad & Mom

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