Friday, February 6, 2015

Funny Friday, Pepe Edition

Guys, it's so cold. Yesterday I was wearing a t-shirt in Florida and today I'm wearing multiple layers.

I need a cure for the winter blues, and what's funnier than my very own disabled cat?

Here he is making out with my shoe, a common occurrence. He loves to sleep by the shoes throughout the day too.

Sometimes we get immune to how funny and adorable he is as he stumbles around the apartment because we see it every day.

We put our duvet back on the bed and because it's fluffy he can't always see where the top off the bed is to properly chase Tuk Tuk, so he just jumps as hard as he can, and often he jumps all the way over the bed and lands on the other side.

It's funny how much he's changed since we got him. When we first got him he never liked to be pet and he never cuddled with us, and now he sleeps on the bed all night long.
In the 8 months that we've had him he's never purred. Never. We thought he couldn't purr because of his inner ear disability, that maybe purring would throw off his balance more.

Well, we were wrong. Food is Pepe's favorite thing. Whenever we're in the bathroom, he's in there eating. I'm not sure I've been in the bathroom either without Pepe in there, or without him scratching at the door trying to get in.
This is now Hal discovered the secret. If your pet Pepe when he's eating, like magic, he will purr. We've tried it a couple of times, and the circumstances have to be right, but we've gotten him to purr a whole 5 times.

And just to make your Friday the best you've had since this miserable cold descended, here's a video of Pepe chasing a red light in the hallway. He doesn't do anything halfway. Be sure to listen with the sound on for optimal effect.

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