Monday, August 18, 2014

I Think We're Obsessed

This weekend Hal's best friend Sam and his friend Matt came into town. On Saturday while Hal was in Idaho for his grandma's funeral we decided to have some fun and check out King's Dominion in Virginia. It was really fun! I haven't been to an amusement part in over 6 years, so the first roller coaster was a little scary, but then we all had a blast.

Yesterday we took them to our absolute favorite place this summer. We might be a little addicted.

We took them to Assateague Island, our favorite beach spot. Having the beach only 3 hours away seems like a miracle compared to the 10+ hours we had in Utah. Although my co-worker told me I was really white for someone who has been to the beach a bunch this summer.

If we're going to go to the beach this much next year, I may have to invest in a sand proof/water proof cover for my phone. How do you take pictures at the beach without worrying about ruining your phone, or it getting stolen? Boo.

It was the most gorgeous day, and after a relaxing afternoon on the beach, we took them crabbing for the first time.
These are both females. You can't keep females.
 It's fun to see how much the crabs have changed from the start of the summer. They're generally now bigger and their shells and claws are so much more vibrant blue.
We also lucked out and the ponies were both at the ocean and over by the marsh. Normally we don't see them in the water at all. It was so amazing to see them come walking out of the water during the sunset.

I tried to take a picture with the horses and Hal. I learned that Hal is a scardy cat when the horses are near, so I ended up with this.


Tanika Rice said...

If I come visit you one day, TAKE ME CRABBING. I totally want to go, but then I want to release them back into the wild. Because I don't like seafood LOL

Rachel said...

Sounds like some really fun times were had by all! And I have no idea how people get awesome beach photos unless it's someone's permanent assignment to guard the camera at all times...

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Horses and water are the most romantic thing ever! At least you kind of got a photo of the horse and you. ;)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The island has horses too? That's so great!

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