Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7 Months Apart

It's been a while since I shared my daily cat pictures that I send to Hal, and lets be honest, everyone loves some cat pictures.
I've lived alone for over 7 months now. 7 loooooong months. I see Hal on the weekends, and it's terrible to see him leave every Monday morning. It sucks so much that he's started not working on Fridays so he can be in DC by the time I get off of work.
 But honestly, I'm a little afraid to live with someone again. I'm all about routines in the morning. That's how I survive getting up in the morning. How am I supposed to share the getting ready space when my routine is timed to the minute to make the shuttle? Well I guess I did it for years, and it's 1000% worth finally living with my husband again, so I'll push aside my nerves and grumpy morning self and adjust when it comes time.
can you spot all three of us?
I think we've really just hit the point where we're tired of being apart. 4 months of complete separation, and three months of only weekends together really wears a couple out.

Hal asked EY to move up his start date from September to August. We're keeping our fingers crossed they say yes.

So keep your fingers crossed for us that they let Hal move up his start date, and in the mean time; you can laugh at Tuk Tuk's face in the photo below. See a Resemblance?


Rachel said...

Umm yeah, that would get really old after a while! Hope you guys get to start living together again sooner rather than later!

Autumn said...

That's hard :(. Thankfully, after Devin finished up his internship, we had a solid year together. Having your spouse travel is hard.

Did Hal decide to work for EY now? I thought he was working for a different agency before.

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