Monday, October 14, 2013

What Do You Do When You Have a Dilemma?

I know I've been such a terrible blogger since coming to DC. At first I didn't blog because I had nothing to do all day and was super unmotivated. Now I'm hardly blogging because we have a lot to do and a lot going on.

But I miss blogging regularly and having a record of my life, and commenting on all of your blogs. I miss spewing my thoughts out here so I feel better afterwords. That's how I process things.

Well, it's time to process some of my thoughts. These thoughts are about living and working in DC.

Hal and I made kind of a big decision.

If I get a job in DC before we leave in December, we will go home for Christmas, and I will come back to DC and live and work while Hal stays in Utah and finishes his last semester, and then he will join me in DC.

It all started when he was getting push back in interviews about what would keep him in DC long term with no family connections. If I had a job in DC, it would make it a lot easier for Hal to get a job here. The other decision was that Hal is not going straight on to get his Master's degree, he's ready to start gaining some work experience, so this changed our timeline a lot.

I have been temping pretty steadily since Labor day all thanks to a fabulous recruiter and the ample temp jobs in my field of work. I told my recruiter that if a fabulous permanent job came along, I would definitely consider it. Three weeks ago I started temping in a job here at a pretty fancy place, and the position just so happened to be one they're hiring for. So I started the interview process. After 3 sets of interviews with 7 different people, it's looking like I will get an offer this week.
And then the Office of Citizenship and Immigration's Asylum Division called me. I applied for a position with them a month ago. They called me about a position that's a step up from the one I applied for.

The Asylum division is like my dream organization to work for, but it looks like I wouldn't really gain too many skills in this position. The other job is at what is essentially a lobby organization for large financial companies, but I have already gained so many skills in my 3 weeks and have tons of opportunity to gain more experience, it pays really well and has a really good work environment.

And thus my dilemma. I have an interview with the Asylum Division tomorrow, right when I'm expecting an offer from this company.

I feel so torn. 


Rachel said...

That is a dilemma! And a hard choice--I hope you'll be blessed with the wisdom you need to make a good choice!

Susannah said...

Wow, girl. What a hard choice. I'll be praying that you make one that brings you peace.

Tanika Rice said...

hmmm hard choice indeed. I will be praying for you girl. But pro's and con's list help me in all decisions! I am very Rory Gilmore that way.

Autumn said...

SO hard!! Devin and I lived apart for two and a half months with one visit for Devin's internship and I feel you. That alone is anxiety inducing...then the job hunting. Hope you are able to decide on the best job for you!!

Ashley said...

Well I take it you went to that interview already...

If there is still time, I would ask the Asylum very honestly how likely it is that you can move up in the company with the position you're interviewing for. Since it's a dream organization of yours, it might be the way to go, even if you accepted a spot at another place.

Well only you know the answer to what you want. Follow your instincts :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can't wait to hear what's happened!! What two amazing opportunities!

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