Friday, October 18, 2013

We Made A Deal, Guess Who Won

Last time I made a deal with Hal, Hal/God won, this time, it was my turn.

After our cat passed away back in september both Hal and I noticed there was a part of our lives that was missing. Our apartment was a less happy place to come home to. We were both surprised at what a difference we noticed.

We wanted to get another cat right away, but we didn't want to have to trek it on a 3 day cross country drive, so we waited. Then we started toying with the idea of me staying in DC so we started thinking about it again.

So we made a deal (and this is where you're going to know who won) IF I got a job in DC, a permanent job that meant  I wasn't going back to Utah, we could get a cat.

Well someone got a job this week.

Not to say it's stopped us from looking at kitties for about a month now.
I would have taken this guy home if he wasn't already in the process of adoption
We've found it really hard to pick a cat. The first cat we looked at, when we were returning all of the unused cat stuff we had bought was black with blue eyes, and from that moment, I think both of us saw ourselves with a black kitty with blue eyes. 

We've gone to pet stores and shelters and it's so hard to see so many kitties up for adoption that we just can't decide. The funny thing is, if someone just gave us a kitten, we would happily take it and love it no questions, but choosing for ourselves is proving rather difficult.

So we're still looking and hoping to find that magical kitty that make our heart sing. Until then, enjoy this.


Rachel said...

We live in the boondocks, so it seems there's always a farm somewhere in the vicinity willing to give kittens away. Angel will take any that are given to him. He's currently trying to steal my cousins' newest kitten. He even named it "Zofran" (the real name is Ebony) and has tried to buy it from the 6 year old with a dollar. Bad Angel...

Anonymous said...

Yay for kitties!! I hope you find one soon!

Susannah said...

How exciting that you're getting a kitty! I'm excited to see him/her when you choose your perfect cat! :-)

Ashley said...

Congrats on the new job!! :) Can't wait to see what kitty you pick :D

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Your hunt for a cat sounds like my hunt for a dog! I can't find the perfect one!

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