Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spring Fever Vox Box

I was super lucky to get another VoxBox. They're exciting like BirchBoxes because you never know what's going to be in them.

Here's what my box looked like this time.

I got a TastyKake Kandy Bar Kake in smores flavor. I don't notmally like these types of treats, but I tried it and it wasn't bad. Hal on the other hand scarfed this thing up.

Next up I got a set of imPress Nails in a hawaiian and zebra print. Honestly, this is like the worst print they could have sent me. I was excited to try these nails, but with the print, I won't ever wear these nails.

Schwarzkopf Profession Oasis + Dust it matte powder, this was my favorite item of all of my vox box. The powder gives your hair texture and lift, and because it's matte, it doesn't make it look shiny or greasy. Really, it just gives your hair volume while not making it obvious you have product in your hair. I have loved using this on days inbetween hair washings. It brings back the volume to my hair.
Secret Outlast - Completely Clean, I was kind of excited to try this. My Dove deoderant totally leaves white marks if I'm not careful. I didn't mind that it was a gel. It takes like 30 seconds to dry, but then it's fine. My only problem with it was the smell. I hated the smell of the deoderant. It smelled so fake and artificial that I couldn't stand it. The second time I tried wearing it I sprayed perfume on my pits part way through the day because I couldn't stand the smell anymore.
The box was also supposed to contain NYC appelicious lip balm, but it was a big bummer when my box arrived without it.
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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I got all the same things as you except my press on nails were a different print. I was pretty impressed with all of it, minus the nail because I don't ever wear press ons!

Angi said...

UGH, those nails...!!!

Tanika Rice said...

Girl I don't blame you--those nails are HIDEOUS. Do they think you are a 16 year old raver? WTH? I have never in my life tried a tasty cake. I must do so. (But those kind of snacks aren't my cup of tea either.)

I get my first vox box today! I am super excited!

Rachel said...

I wouldn't mind trying press-on nails just to see how long they'd last--but yeah, that's a horrible print. I like bright colors and sparkles are fine with me too--but not zebras and hibiscus!

Susannah said...

Haha. Those nails are hidious!!!

Ashley said...

Totally will sign up for one of these surprise boxes when I get home. Something very American to look forward to :)

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