Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lend Me Your Thoughts

I feel like I ask for advice about my life a lot on this blog. I'm going to trust in the fact that, who doesn't like to give advice? And pretend you all love it.
But really, for this one I could use some different perspectives.

We just found out Hal was offered an internship, in Washington DC, for this fall. He figured out that he can rearrange some order of classes, do the internship and still graduate next spring. The internship is kind of a big deal, it's with a government run company who regulates all accounting firms to make sure that another Enron doesn't happen.

Now here's where I need your advice. We have a lot of options with this one, so let me run through some ideas and you tell me what you think.

He'll be gone for like 4 1/2 months for the internship. We just did 3 weeks apart which was our longest, and it was pretty darn sucky.

I'll give up my job, that's ok. But I don't want to give up our apartment. We did the whole pack away your life and live very minimally thing already. And we love our apartment. It's only one of two like it in our complex, so it's unlikely we'd get it back. It just would suck to give up so much for only 4 months away.


-I can go with him in August and we can find an apartment for the both of us, but apartments are really expensive. It would be cheaper for him to just live there and get an already furnished apartment with some guys.

-I can stay here and work for a bit to earn more money and join him later
     -Either like a month after he leaves
     -Or go out to visit once and join him after two months, perhaps in November.

-If I work for a month it would pay rent on our apartment for pretty much the entire time Hal would be gone. But that's a lot of money for an apartment we'd not be living in.

-Maybe we could find some friends to sublet our apartment. It's a stretch, but it would be amazing for us. But we'd have to fight the apartment manager to allow it.


What do you think?
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Torrie said...

I think living in DC (for awhile anyway) would be amazing--it would be an experience you would remember forever. And being apart for that long would really be miserable. If it were me, I would pray hard about it, see where my own heart lay, and then go forward with the decision. If it's right, things will just work out. If it's not, you'll hit obstacles at every turn.

Probably not as specific as what you were looking for, but that's exactly what I would do in your shoes.

Rachel said...

I'm not sure I'm the best one for advice--because I don't tend to be all that practical about money. I'd choose time spent with my husband and the adventure of living in D.C. over being practical and earning a good living and keeping the apartment. If it could work to have someone sublet the apartment while your gone--that would probably be the best answer to your situation!

The Childlike Empress said...

Being apart from husband is hard!!!
its hard making decision that take you away from each other but in the long run you know will be better.

i think the second last option of you staying for a month and them going to join might be good?

you;ve already done 3 weeks so i'm sure you could push it to 4!

its 24 days till i see my husband again, i feel so sad everytime he tells me about his day and i'm not there. like the other day he went to buy hairclippers, and i got all upset cause i've been nagging him to go buy hairclippers for months and he finally goes and does it without me...not that i'm interested in buying hairclippers i just feel like i'm missing out on something....

oh dear, i'm totally writing a bunch of stuff that is so not appropriate for your comment box...these are things lonely wives do!

Ashley said...

That really is a tough decision. I would hate for you to miss an opportunity to live in DC for a while! I think it would be tough to pack everything up and head east, but I think you would love it and it'd be a fun adventure. I'm sure there's someone you can get to sublet your apt while you're gone. Whatever you decide will be a good one, though. Do what's best for you and your family! And make sure you pray lots about it!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Okay if it was ME I don't think I could be away from Izzy for that long. We did long distance and it BLEW. PLUS I think DC would be such an amazing experience for you BOTH.

I would fight management, try to find a sublet and go that route.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Find a sublet or friends who need an apartment for a while until they'd move in somewhere else or something. You got to go to DC. You got to do this. However, I would not give up the apartment. For once, you'll be back right? So, if you do give it up and move for a few months to DC, you have to find another one again when you get back that may or may not be what you want and you love yours at the moment.

So, find a sublet, ask management, ask friends and you can keep this one...and even if you have to move to DC a few weeks after Hal it'll be fine. But you got to go regardless. ;)

OHMY...I'm excited regardless of whatever comes out of this. Woohoo!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

If it was me, I would go to DC with him. I would try subletting the apartment or finding a way to pay for it and keep it.

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