Monday, May 20, 2013

When Your Husband is Gone

Day 20, Monday: Get real. Share something you're struggling with right now.
Do you guys remember when I mentioned that Hal is doing a short study abroad?

He's going to Europe to study International Accounting. Super exciting. Except that they also get to do other cool things that don't make my eyes unfocus when they're mentioned.

But I don't get to go.

Hal and I are adventurers at heart. So I knew he had to go and experience this, even though it's without me. One of the reasons I love adventure is because I get to experience it with other people and create those memories and bonds with others. But Hal will be going and adventuring and doing what I love best about adventuring without me.

And I have to be here, and work so that we can still pay the bills while he's gone.

But 3 weeks?

3 weeks of Hal having adventures without me? 3 weeks of my bed being too big with just me and kitty in it each night?

I know that doesn't seem like a big deal to some, but we've never ever been away from each other that long before. The longest was when I had Dengue Fever and was in Thailand, and Peace Corps made Hal go back to Cambodia after I got released from the hospital, but I had to stay until my liver started functioning semi normal again. 3 whole days without my husband. I thought that was rough as I was still sick and dead tired and in a city I didn't know well.

I'm not well versed in the ways of living life without my husband. I've got my kitty and a stack of the first 5 seasons of Friends for company.

Any other tips on how to survive while the husband is out of town?

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Ashley said...

Well, my husband is always out of town for work. It was really really hard at first, but now it's a lot easier. Just keep really my advice. Find a series (like Downton) or something like that, that will fill your time at night! Something that you'll look forward to coming home to after work! Or you can come stay with me in NC :-)

Gabriel Kaefer said...

wow, great pic!

Susannah said...

I'm so sorry you're going to be without your hubby! I couldn't imagine Nate getting to travel and have adventures without me. :-( I'm sure it will be so wonderful when he gets home!

Tanika Rice said...

Do EVERYTHING that you couldn't do with him there without feeling guilty. Read a good book and take up all the bed. Watch a chick flick and eat ice cream. Take a long bubble bath. Go shopping with your friends. Do everything you miss about being single. :D

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I even hate when my husband goes to mutual on Wednesday nights so I can imagine how hard that will be! Just do lots of fun things that he doesn't really like doing!

The Childlike Empress said...

husband and i have only spent one weekend apart since we got married. its weird, i cant even make decisions without him...we've melded into one person....
so the next year will be tough, i'm just super grateful for the internet so that we should be able to stay in touch for most of the time...i'm not looking forward to when he is at sea and then i cant get in touch with him at all!

Autumn said...

When your husband travels you have to be two kinds of a wife. The one when he is there and depends on him and works as a unit and then the one that does everything by herself for herself. The transition is really weird. It isn't fun now, but it will totally help later if he ends up traveling like Devin has. Devin has ended up traveling 1/5 of our marriage. I hope that number goes down ;)

Unknown said...

Ummmm, I know! Go hang out with your mother-in-law! You could make goodies and watch dumb movies that your husband hates. : p

Monica Lynn said...

I absolutely hated it when BH had to be out of town for work for weeks. One thing that helped me was keeping our family rituals, even though we were apart. We'd still have our family prayer and scripture study and our other things that we'd do. (That may be a bit harder for you since Halbean is in a different time zone.) The other thing I'd do was plan real fun surprises for him for date nights on Friday nights when he'd get back.

Ashley said...

How did he like London? I heard it was cold the week I was gone, but it means he experienced real London! ha.

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