Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Songs That Speak To You

Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories.

Guys, we're almost done with this May challenge. I can't believe how close it is to being over, and how close it is to my birthday!

I really liked this prompt. It's fun to share songs that remind of you specific things, or just certain times in your life. I'm a sentimental person, so I love reminiscing of these moments.

1. Girls - Beastie Boys: My best friend and I used to sit in the parking lot of our high school before football games and scream this song at the top of our lungs.

2. Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin: This song will always remind me of college. My college boyfriend and I were obsessed with them. I went to their concert and ended up with bloody hips, but was able to hold that front row position, and it was glorious.

3. To Make You Feel My Love - Adele: This song will always remind me of my mother. I personally love the Adele version, but my mother fell in love with it from the Hope Floats soundtrack with Garth Brooks singing.

4. Starting Now - Ingrid Michaelson: When Hal and I were first dating he learned how to play this song on guitar and played it for me because he knew I really liked it. This whole CD reminds me of the winter that Hal and I started dating.

5. You and I - Michael Buble : This was the song we used as our first dance, and it will always always remind me of our engagement and dance classes, and our wedding day.

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Angi said...

I used to LOVE Jack's Mannequin!! I totally forgot about them!!


Angela said...

I love allllll of these songs! And this sounds crazy, but the SAME THING happened to me at the Jack's Mannequin concert. So epic. Great memories. :)

Ashley said...

Nice choices...I especially respect the Beastie Boys pick ;)

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

loving your choices! jack's mannequin's pretty awesome. it's one of my fall songs. ;)

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