Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Don't mess with my cake eggs

Guys I didn't take one single picture this weekend other than for the color festival. How could I have not taken a single Easter picture? Fail.

So instead I'm going to paint you pictures with my words.

It all started on Friday when we took Hal's newly returned missionary brother, clothes shopping at the new mega nice City creek mall in downtown Salt Lake. Who can resist a little H & M? We stopped at a specific grocery store to pick up my annual cake eggs. They're the only store around that still does them. Every other store does disgusting marshmellow eggs. Barf.
Don't know what cake eggs are?
Cake eggs are exactly what they sound like, small cakes in the shape of eggs with yummy shell like frosting over the top of the cake. Well, when we showed up at the store, they only had chocolate covered eggs. Something you may not know about me is that I hate chocolate cake and frosting. Like hate it. That's all they had. So I ask the guy working the bakery and he says I can special order some with different frosting. Perfect.

I put in my order for white frosting and white cake and I was stoked. Every year growing up we had these cake eggs in our easter basket. They're like prime Easter memories. Except for the year my dog ate my entire easter basket with the aiding and abetting of my cat who knocked it down. Jerks.

My bro in law agreed to pick up my cake eggs the next day, since I wouldn't be back up there until Sunday, and they're closed on Sundays. So he came down to go to the color festival, and  he had a sad look, the eggs were chocolate frosted. He said the guy at the bakery said they don't do other colored frosting for them. WHAT? That's why I special ordered them! I could have bought these out on the floor, why would I put in a special order for the same thing I could buy already made, 2 feet away?

But I was ok, I was going to suck it up and enjoy my easter treat. When we came home from the color festival Hal bit into one, and was like babe, these are chocolate cake. WHAT? The label says they're white cake. They gave me the exact opposite of what I ordered. I can suck it up and eat something with chocolate frosting, but I draw the line at chocolate cake. If you couldn't make it, why didn't you call me? I gave you my phone number. I would have been much happier if you had called me to say you couldn't make them, than you give me the opposite of what I ordered, and pretend like it's all cool.

You better believe I was not happy. I told Hal, these are my easter, this is all we were doing for easter this year. He looked and me and said "what about like the whole Christ being resurrected thing, isn't that your easter?" Oh...yeah, I meant that too, obviously.

I knew I'd never make it to the bakery in time to talk to someone who actually could do something about it, so my father in law was nice enough to agree to take them back and talk to the bakery. They gave him a refund, but Dick's Market Bakery in Centerville, you're on my black list.

I didn't get any cake miracle this Easter, but thanks to Hal and the 3 year olds I teach at church, I was reminded of the real miracle of Easter.


Angi said...

The customer service at that store sounds like EVERY store here in's such a pain! I can't stand it when merchants can't do what you want, and then they flat out don't call you to let you know. We should hold seminars on what good service looks like. ;)

On another note...I love chocolate. Hate white cake/vanilla frosting. This is why we'd be good friends, because we'd never fight over cake. ;)

Tanika Rice said...

I would be miffed too! That's RIDICULOUS. I mean, okay on the frosting part BUT WHY NO WHITE CAKE?!

Susannah said...

What fun that you got your cake eggs. That store sounds kinda dumb though. Seriously, white cake is a wonderful thing. They should have it. ;-)

Susannah said...

Oh, and then I reread it and saw that, in the end you DIDN'T get your eggs. I don't know how I missed that. I'm sorry, girl! That's even more dumb!!!!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

That store sounds RIDICULOUS.

Rachel said...

Oh man, that's such a disappointment! And you're right, I've never even heard of cake eggs before, but they sound like the cake pops I've heard of on the internet. (I don't eat cake, chocolate or not.) :P

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