Monday, April 8, 2013

Birchbox or Ipsy?

There are so many different companies that do the same thing as Birchbox and Ipsy. Julep does nails polish, I even heard of one recently that will send you a different pair of sunglasses every month. Who needs that many sunglasses?

Anyway, for christmas this last year Hal got both of us a BirchBox subscription. I had wanted one forever. I had looked into so many of them last year to see if I could get them shipped to cambodia, but that was a big fail, and I couldn't decide if I liked Birchbox or Ipsy more.

Well, once Hal realized Birchbox does a men's line, he was sold and that's the one we went with. I've been wondering though...Which do you like? Have you enjoyed your Birchbox subscription? Have you enjoyed your Ipsy or Julep or whatever else subscription?

I just received my third birchbox in March, and it was the best one yet! So let me tell you about my experience, and then I want to hear about your experience so I can know if we should keep going with Birchbox.
This Month's Box
 This is my march box:
-Benefit Benetint
 It's a lip stain isntead of a lip gloss or lip stick. I thought this was super cool when I got it. I was a bit diappointed, because the picture her lips were dark red, and that's what I was hoping for, but it actually just stains them pink. It still looks good, just not what I was hoping for.

-Supergoop Endless Summer SPF 30+UV Lotion
I actually haven't tried this yet. The reviews have put me off, and I don't like that it's named supergoop. I'm particular about my face wash and face lotion, and usually when I switch it makes me break out, so I haven't tried it yet.

-Whish Save Crave Shaving Cream
I just used this last weekend, shaving for the first along time (don't judge, it was winter) and I liked it. It's supposed to keep your legs moisturized while you shave for a close close shave. I did get a close shave, but I had to really lotion my legs after.

-Madwell For Birchbox Emery Board
This board is pretty! It's not as rough as the one I normally use, so I'm excited to use it on my actual nail, instead of just the top of my nail. I hope it will help my nails to stop peeling. The dry climate has killled my nails after living in a humid climate for over a year.

-Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment
This stuff is pretty good. I still want to play around with how to use it in my hair, but it's thick, and I hope it helps to clam down my hair.

-Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque
Single best thing I've received in my birchboxes so far. I was really excited to try it, and BAM I noticed a difference right away. My hair was SO soft, and it smells really good. This stuff really works. I'm saving up my points to buy it.

So, here's something I've noticed about my birchboxes, my first month was kinda cool and exciting, but not really stuff applicable to me. So I took a little quiz they have on their site, where you tell them more about you, so they can send you better stuff. The next month had some things I really liked, and some I didn't really like. Well, I started doing reviews of the products and my third box was awesome! It could be total bs, but I really think the quiz and the reviews have made a big difference.

Plus, my hubby got lots of stuff for mega cheap with the points he's stocked up. You get 10 points for every review, 100 points is $10 off!

If you're thinking about getting your hubby one, mine has really liked his. His first one, he got a great sweater tie. They always put a really big item in the guy's box. He just got his 4th box and it contained a small portable wooden speaker. Super cool.

So now that I've told you about our experience with birchbox, tell me what you have thought about the one you use? Is it worth the money?

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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I won a year subscription to Birchbox, which just ran out last month. Sometimes I would get something I liked, especially when I'd get a bottle of nail polish. But I never liked my boxes enough to want to pay for a subscription. I'd rather just put the money toward my Julep Maven subscription instead and just got pretty nail polishes every month ;-)

Susannah said...

That's really cool! I didn't know they had a guy's one. Maybe I should look into getting it for the hubby.

Melissa Louise said...

Birchbox 10000X better than Ipsy. I love my birchbox and always get WAY more than I pay for, and I'm a year plus going strong.

Heather Sander said...

I keep wanting to sign up for one of these. Everyone keeps telling me birchbox is better.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I actually just cancelled Birch Box in favor of Ipsy.

Torrie said...

I've heard about Birch Box, but I don't know much about it. How must does it cost per month?

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I stopped Birchbox for personal reasons...and even though I did review and the quiz I never fully received something that worked with me. The nail polishes were my favorites to receive. Not sure if I return to Birchbox or not, but I love seeing what people receive each month. ;)


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