Thursday, February 7, 2013

Donating Plasma

The other night Hal and I were talking about an event this weekend. Ernst & Young has rented out Sundance Ski Resort for everyone in Hal's program, and this converstion happened:

"I don't have any snow pants. I can't snow shoe in jeans."
-"No, your pants will get all wet. Wait, don't I have some gaiters?"
"Didn't you buy them like a month ago with your plasma money?"
-"Yeah, I have no idea where they are."
"Well that was a useful $30"
-"I'm going to donate plasma all my life to buy things I want."
"But once you're done with school we'll make more money."
-"We'll be saving for a house and real stuff though. I need this to get things I want."

It was an adjustment coming home from Cambodia and having access to so much again. It was hard not to spend our savings away, especially because we relied on that the first month we were back home.

Now that we're living on one income, money can be really really tight. So I made a deal with Hal to save our savings. Donate plasma (or do anything else on the side to make money) and you can use the money for whatever you want.
I loved this post where Jamie from The CP talked about how no one "donates" plasma. Students sell their plasma to afford live. True That
Originally he started donating to save up for the gun he really wanted. Now I know how much he really wanted that gun since he hasn't put any of his money aside for it. Sometimes he buys things when he's in the chair for an hour donating the plasma. I may think some of his purchases are dumb, but I don't question them because it's his money to spend on whatever. (I was real glad he returned that holster though)
But guys, guess what. Hal's really sweet with his plasma money and has bought me little presents with it so I can have new things too. Did your heart just melt? Because mine did when he pulled my most recent present from underneath his shirt (nice wrapping, huh?).

He's been donating for a few months now, and just works it into his schedule to donate twice a week. After getting sick the first time he figured out you have to eat a lot of protien before and after donating to keep your body healthy. Honestly, even though it's not for me, I'm so grateful that he takes the time out of his crazy busy schedule to donate his plasma because it allows him to have fun with what he buys which makes me happy, and plasma is used for research and to make medicines which makes the world happy.

So thanks babe, thanks for being so dedicated and saving our savings.

Did you have to donate during your college years? What are your thoughts on donating plasma?


Torrie said...

I love donating plasma--and not just for the money, either. I love the time to just sit and relax and read a book in relative quiet. I don't think I could ever give up donating as long as I have a center nearby--I love the extra $65 a week.

Autumn said...

I have never donated plasma, but we were really blessed with the timing in which we married too. We both received full scholarships the semester we got engaged and his internship helped us put money back when we got married until my teaching job began.

Good luck to your husband this week. We have a friend from the office here going to ski day for PWC...super nice guy named Aaron.

(I have decided I am not allowed to email you back via my phone. It makes it too confusing because I think about stuff, but think I have written some of it out, but can't see it so it sounds so jumbly. Sorry!)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I have never given plasma. I wanted to in college but I told my mom I was going to go and she flipped out. She still doesn't think it's good for the body. Yeah I know right!!??!

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