Monday, February 4, 2013

Dear You

It's time to bring it back. The Dear You posts I used to do. It's been almost 2 years since I've done one! They're my mini letters to rant and rave about anything or everything.

Dear Blogger,
I know I'm so behind on this, but please take into account that I lived in a third world country when this change occured. What the heck? Why do we have to have lame embedded comments to be able to thread our replies? DUMB. I hate every form of comments except pop out windows. It just makes it so easy to continue reading a blog. I want threaded comments in my pop out window. Please fix this promptly.

Dear smarter bloggers,
If you know a way around my above complaint, please teach me your amazing ways.

Dear Selma,
I know you already tried to teach me, but my brain didn't understand. Please try again.

Dear February,
Why do you have so many birthdays? You're a short month, doesn't that mean statistically you should have less? My family has 7 birthdays. 7 of them. I can't decide if I like that, because they're all at once, but then no one has a birthday until mine in May.

Dear Essie,
I love you. Now that we're in love, can I have a discount?

Dear Hair,
Thanks for being awesome. After some really rough times of going longer between washings you've started to shape up. Now my 2nd full day with no washing doesn't look so bad anymore.
P.S. Please continue to get better

Dear Gossip Girl,
You have the best clothes of any show I've ever seen. I'm on season 6 and the dress Blair wore in episode 5 was my favorite so far. It fit her so perfectly, and the back of the dress was to die for. I couldn't find a picture of Leighton Meester with the back of the dress, so here's a picture of a chick from Glee in the dress.

P.S. If anyone ruins the end of Gossip Girl for me, I will cry.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I want an Essie discount too... I want to own every single color.

Autumn said...

Confession: I had to look up essie to know what you were talking about. I thought it was a hair product haha.

Meg {henninglove} said...

yes essie i need you to give me a discount, after buying you long enough it is time you help a girl out so i can continue buying you. $8 a bottle hurts my wallet so be kind to me for future purchases, thank you!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I realized you changed something again. LOL I'll try my best to email you and explain it again. :)

And yes, Essie needs to give each and every one of us a discount. ;)

Ashley said...

I would make my blog have pop out windows if they included threaded conversations. Ugh, so annoying how blogger works sometimes!

Staci said...

100% agree on the comments thing! Drives me crazy!! I can't even watch Gossip Girl because of how much it makes me hate my own wardrobe

Catherine said...

Thanks for the comment on Autumn's post so I could find your cute blog! Ugh, I want pretty much everything Blair wears in Gossip Girl. Serena's wardrobe can be a bit too edgy for my liking haha. I'm sad it's over now; it's one of my guilty pleasures!

Ashley said...

7 birthdays in February??? You are busy!

I wonder what they've done with all the clothes from GG. Did the actors get to keep them?

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