Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Trees

It's Christmas Eve and I'm the only one working on my entire floor. It might be a little boring and lonely, but it gives me time to listen to Christmas music all day long and think about what Christmas means to me.

I have been so excited to be home for the holidays this year. To sing Christmas cheer, and play in the snow, decorate Christmas trees, and spend lots of time laughing with family.

We aren't allowed to have live trees at our apartment complex. BOO! I refused to have a fake tree, so we settled on using a tree we already had as our Christmas tree.

Look at our kitty in this picture. I wish I could have flipped it to video fast enough to catch her attacking one of the dangling ornaments.

Every year we get a new ornament, and this is the one we brought back from Cambodia.

This didn't quite make it feel like Christmas though, so it was nice to help decorate Hal's parents Charly Brown tree.

Merry Christmas Eve to you all!
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