Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet My: Town

I'm trying to finish up my posts about Cambodia, but it seems like every time I get on the computer I think of something else I want to share with you about our experiences there. Here's some glimpses of what our town looked like.

These are two pictures from a tall house by our market. The first one is looking west, at the road our market is on. The second one is looking north towards the road our house was on.

I really liked our town. It was a good distance from bigger towns that we could go to when we needed it, but it was big enough that there were things to do while we were at site. A national road runs through my site and it's in between two big tourist spots so every once in a while we'd see people biking through our town, and one time we even saw an older foreigner walking through our town. I remember my co-teacher asked me as we watched him walk past the school, "why is that foreigner just walking?" I don't know co-teacher, I don't know.

Before we left our town I really wanted to get some video of where we lived. Below are two videos of my town. The first is the street that we lived on, so I walk north facing east and then walk back to the house facing west.  You'll see our house, Hal and my host mom and then our taxi filled with all of our stuff as I walk by. The last video is one I took from the taxi window as we drove out of town. You'll see the school at the end of the video.


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Wow, it sure looks different than what I expected. Not sure what I expected though. :) Just love seeing all of this.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That is definitely not like the USA! That is for sure!

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