Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meet My: Market

Going to a Cambodian market is an experience. An experience that makes you want to plug your nose and sometimes cover your eyes. Everything is out for display, and they'll chop it up for you just how you would like it. They are definitely people who have learned to survive, and to find anything and everything that is edible.

This is our "market ming (aunt)" and her veggie stall in our market. We've been going to her for veggies since our second visit to our market. She gives great prices and is super sweet. She always asks how we are and always throws in some peppers and green onions for free. She really didn't want her picture taken, but I couldn't leave Cambodia without a picture of my market ming! 

This is the great part of the market where all of the veggies are fresh, and sometimes even locally produced!
 Our fruit lady. We used to have a different fruit lady, and then we realized she was over charging us real bad, so we switched. She's really nice and every once in a while she'll even have crisp apples from America!

 mmm, dried fish anyone? How about a crap load of oil and msg? This is the side of the market that I will forever avoid. It's the part that smells horribly. All of the fish and meat sitting out, I'd just rather not go over there at all. I braved it though to take pictures for you all. Oh, those are chickens, and this is pretty sweet as they have their heads cut off already. But maybe don't buy them, we've had bird flu in our area.

And lastly, the horrors of all horrors, the beef and pork section of the market. Where they just have slabs of every section of the animal set out, and they'll cut it right up for you, with flies swarming around it and all. Often there's a pigs head sitting out with it's tail in it's mouth, but sadly, not this day.

And last but not least, I took this little video of some of the fish in the market for you.


Patrese said...

OHHHHH, I can see why you would eat all those fun fresh veggies!! Yes, I would stay away from the meat market also.
I bet you have tasted some things that you never thought you would. You are my heros. How awesome!
6 more weeks and you will be back in the land of the processed foods. Enjoy. I love stalking your blog.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I don't even know how you were able to take the photos and video. Uhhh I would have starved there and only lived on fruit etc.

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