Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meet My: School

It's definitely time for another post to help you see my life here in Cambodia. This ones all about my High School. It's technically a middle school and high school all in one. My school is a little bit unique, as my school director and his son really like to garden, we have pots of plants all over the school.

This is the 12th grade building and the administration office where the school director and assistant school director can be found most of the time. I don't particularly like to hang out in there, there's bats living in the ceiling.
This is the 10th grade building, where I teach one class. This is the wall of the school I want to do an art project on.
So funny story about my school, which kind of shows how Cambodia works. They got money for a new building which they started(pictured below), but they ran out of money and so they stopped work on it. Later they were sponsored to build a new building by the company that runs a local orphanage. Of course they didn't finish the building they already started. They actually took materials away from that building to work on the new building(pictured above). It's almost finished, so hopefully next year they won't have to have classes outside.

This is the 7th grade building which I also teach in. It's badly in need of repair...or more like, needs to be torn down. If it's raining, you can't teach as the entire roof has massive leaks and many of the walls are missing.

This is one of the two 12th grade outdoor classes.

This year the high school started up a garden project. The students water and week their plots all themselves. They have little competitions to see whos looks better and who produces the most morning glory. That's pretty much all they grow there. Students were actually just able to harvest their first batch of morning glory. The blue meshed area is going to be for small trees to grow until they're large enough to be planted.

Now you know what my school looks like! Where I spend the majority of my time when school is in session, which lately seems like never. It's funny how when you're there every day you begin to not even think about the fact that students are learning outside and how the buildings are falling apart, but taking pictures of my school and looking at them makes me realize all of the troubles students have to overcome to get an education in this country.

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Mama Rachel said...

WOW!!! This sure puts things in perspective.

I love all the gardening they are doing! :-)

Thanks for giving us a glimpse!

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