Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bumrungrad Hospital

When I was medvaced to Thailand with Dengue Fever Peace Corps put me in the Bumrungrad Hospital. I seriously can't say enough about this place. Especially since earlier I had my blood drawn at one of the "best" hospitals in Cambodia...yeah, no comparison with Bumrungrad.

My hospital room in Bumrungrad was the nicest hospital room I had ever been in. The hospital seemed like it was an American hospital the way it was run and their quality of care. They took really good care of me while I was there. While I was put on a soft food diet, and didn't eat most of the time I was in the hospital, I did eat after I got out and I kept coming back to the hospital to eat because they had a great selection. After living in Cambodia for 7 months seeing a McDonalds(which I never ate at back home, but couldn't get enough chicken mcnuggets while in Thailand), and a Starbucks was like heaven. They also had another great shop called Au Bon Pain with yummy pastries that I can't seem to find anywhere in Cambodia.

The night we got to the hospital Hal was so impressed with our hospital room that he took a video of it. I thought that since a lot of people look into getting surgery outside of the US I thought I'd post the video so they can see what some of the rooms are like, so they can know there are really good hospitals in Thailand.  Or if you're backpacking in SE Asia and are hurt, go here!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! I had always wondered if they were nice or as nice!!! Now I know! Glad you were so well taken care of!

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