Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hal and I had our first visitors to site recently. It was pretty exciting to show other PCVs around our town, to let them meet our different mings (aunt) and to of course, make western food with them.

Our first visitors were Neysa and Garrett. Neysa was amazing and biked about 26k to get here. We had been planning this food day for months. My sister had sent me the ingredients to make this, and Garrett's mom had sent him a box of our favorite brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts. While I held my end of the bargain, Garrett ate all of our pop tarts. So I assigned him to make salsa. Off to the market we went. Luckily we had some regular flour, and we discovered olive oil works great in place of the disgusting "butter" we can get in our town. We made our own salsa and tortilla chips.
Of course Bookie had to get in on this action. She likes to be in charge of anything we're doing around the house. She was nice and helped us cut up all of the veggies, and even helped us make the tortillas. We should really teach her to make western food.
This is Garrett saying "wait, is there not going to be enough?"

And since it was too hot for Neysa to bike back, we talked Garrett into staying and we had a lovely little sleepover in our room. We made our special Reindeer Feed. We only had one problem. No matter what we did, the white chocolate would't melt. I'm pretty sure it was more melted in the package from traveling than it was when I was using a double broiler-ish system. We then tried to melt it in the toaster oven. Fail. Finally we poured boiling water over the baked remains, which made it liquid enough to spread over the Chex. The final product was not what we expected, but delicious none the less.

Last week Tony and Maddie came to visit us for the day. Maddie is planning on riding to Vietnam next month and wanted to do some training, so they rode 33k each way to our site. Of course we made a trip to the market and this time we made bruschetta and potato chips.                                                                                                        
Now from writing this post I'm massively hungry. Too bad it's late, and everyone's asleep and I've eaten all of our snacks. This truly is unfortunate. Note to self, don't write food post when you don't have access to western food.

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's great that you had some visitors and had a giant meal!!! Glad it turned out so well!

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