Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Khmer nails

I read another volunteer's blog last week and loved how she's given everyone in her host family nicknames. So, since I haven't really introduced anyone in my host family yet, I thought I'd steal her idea. More on that later, but for now I need to show you how my host sister (henceforth known as "moto accident") khmer-ified my nails.

I have exactly 3 nail polishes in Cambodia. Cambodian women get their nails done all the time for weddings. I randomly felt like getting my nails painted so I asked my host mom (henceforth known as "bookie") how much it cost to get her nails done. She told me that Moto Accident could do my nails for free! Huzzah.

I brought out my nail polishes and Bookie and Moto Accident argued over which color my nails should be. They settled on red, "because I have white skin, and that would be soooo suh-aht(pretty).

I was very happy to find out that Bookie is going to send Moto Accident to school to learn how to do hair and nails after high school. I was very worried they would marry her off when she graduates in June. After the color is on Bookie gets the great idea to add stickers. Stickers make the ultimate Khmer nails, and thus I ended up with the ultimate Khmer nails.
Are you prepared for this?

If you look really closely you can see that the stickers are of two wedding rings as bride and groom. They're pretty much amazing. And you bet cha I got quite a few compliments on these bad boys.


Kell said...

I love this! Ha. And moto accident is an interesting nickname :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Very cool nails.

Melissa Louise said...

Ha I love this. Thanks for posting :)

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