Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday Dad

My dad celebrated a big birthday last weekend. He turned 60...shh don't tell him I told you that. Well I was bummed that I wasn't home to celebrate such a big birthday, so I decided to do something a little special for his birthday.

I've been making everyone birthday cards and e-mailing them, using Picnik (which I'm SO sad is going away in April, but I'll take advantage of the all the free tools until then.) So I made him a lovely little card, but I wanted to do more than that for such a big birthday (can you tell I like to celebrate birthdays?)

Well I lucked out and got an amazon gift card, so we bought him a web cam. I've been in Cambodia for almost 7 months and have hardly been able to actually talk to, or see my family. Hopefully now that will change. Well, we didn't know if it would arrive on time, so I thought I'd do a little something here in Cambodia, and got some of my favorite people involved.

First my students offered to sing to him. I was so glad, I was my day off from teaching them, but they asked me to come anyway so they could sing for him. How sweet is that? (Ignore my loud, not so nice singing)

Next I told my host family  it was my dad's birthday and asked if they knew how to sing Happy Birthday in Khmer. I had just learned it a few days before, so I was excited to sing it. They were so nice and gathered around  the table to sing with me.

I already shared these videos with my dad, but I thought maybe everyone else would like to see what great students, and what a great host family I have been blessed with.

And Happy Birthday to my amazing dad. You've been such a great father and example to me. I'm sorry that I missed your birthday, and hope that these videos help make up for it at least a little bit.

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Kell said...

I love the videos! It would have made my day to get something like that on my birthday. Happy birthday to your dad!

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