Saturday, November 12, 2011

Guy Fawkes Celebration

I'm so glad that both the VSO and Peace Corps volunteers that live in my provincial town love to celebrate and get together as much as I do. I am also very glad that the VSO (same thing as Peace Corps, but not from America) volunteers want to share their culture with us! We have two British voluteers that live in our town with us, and one more that lives in the provincial town. So when Guy Fawkes day came around, you bet your bottom dollar that we celebrated. And many thanks to Hannah for letting me steal your pictures.

Guy Fawkes was a man who tried to blow up palace and kill the king in the 1600s. Unfortunately for him, he was discovered and tortured before being killed. So we thought we were celebrating his attempt at this and his fight for what he thought was right, you know, American ideals. Turns out the celebrate that was unsuccessful burn a "Guy" in a bonfire on November 5th every day.

We started with preparing a bonfire, thanks to Hal's handy dandy eagle scout skills we had one ready in no time.
Then Pete and John hoisted up our "Guy"
Then the bonfire really began. I was surprised by how fast his "lacoste" pants caught on fire. (side note, when you get pants made here, they sew designer labels into them, so many pants say Lacoste or Levis)
We continued the celebration with the traditional bobbing for apples and fireworks. Who knew you could find bottlerockets and sparklers in a small town in Cambodia?
And we ended the night by sharing some American culture and making s'mores on the ashes of Guy Fawkes.


Recently Roached said...

This looks like fun :) Guy Fawkes day sounds like an interesting holiday. I wonder what the Hallmark cards would say? ;)

Mama Rachel said...

LOL! What an education! I love reading about your many adventures. :-D

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I guess you learn something new everyday! I had no idea they had fireworks there!

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