Monday, June 13, 2011

GoldenDoodle time

Remember how I love dogs? And how both Hal and I lost our family dogs about a year apart from each other. Ever since then I've been dying for either of our families to get a puppy. I've been dying. I went a few times with my mother in law to look at puppies that she was considering getting. She came close to getting one of these puppies.
I had like 5 of them asleep on me at one time. They were so sweet, and I was bummed when they didn't end up getting one of them.

Yesterday we went and looked at a puppy. It's a goldendoodle who is 6 months old. His pictures were so adorable, so we drove an hour away to go see him. He's a big puppy to say the least.
His name was Jegar...yes, as in meister. No go. They decided to rename his Charlie. I totally think he looks like a charlie. I can't believe how big he is for his age. He doesn't recognize how big he really is, he quite literally thinks that he's a lap dog, as you can see from that last picture. He's so clumsy because he doesn't recognize that he's huge. I already love him and am so excited to have a puppy around for the next month!


Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

How super cute, and yes, he definitely looks like a Charlie!!! :) And haha, he sure looks clumsy thinking he is not as huge...but he's definitely big!!!! :)

Amy Hansen said...

Awww how cute!!

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