Friday, February 11, 2011

These can only improve your life

Kitchen gadgets!

Seriously, have you ever looked at what kind of kitchen gadgets are out there? There are some really cool kitchen gadgets out there. A torch for making creme brulee? Ok, so maybe that isn't as useful as say a sweet rice cooker, but if you were making creme brulee it would be awesome.

When we first got married I could not cook. I'm not joking. I hadn't really made anything that wasn't super easy to make, came in a package, or wasn't a cookie. I think cookies and cakes were about the only thing I knew how to make from scratch. Well, in the last two years I'd say my kitchen skills have dramatically improved thanks to cooking blogs and youtube. Did you know that you can even look up how to mince garlic on youtube...pretty sure I did that when I was first learning how to cook. Well, as my skills have improved so has my lust for certain kitchen gadgets.
A garlic press! I'm so bad at cutting up garlic into little tiny amounts. It seems when I'm holding it they start to stick to my fingers and then the slices get bigger and bigger as I cut. This handy dandy garlic press would sure save me a whole lot of time.
Do you know what these bad boys are for? No, they're not for fighting futuristic criminals...even if that's what they make me think of. They're onion goggles! They help prevent this:
Last night I cried twice and had to blow my nose three times just while cutting up half of a very potent onion. Wouldn't that be so awesome to be immune to all of that? Man, those goggles would make you feel like a superhero. I'm totally asking for these for my birthday.

Now I'll move on from the more practical to the little more ridiculous, but still stinking awesome.
Check this out! This is a milk jug that tells you if you're milk is going sour! Isn't that so awesome? I'm pretty sure the worst thing in the world is to pour milk into your cereal and take a bite only to have the worst taste in the world because your milk has gone sour. My sister in law could totally use this! She can't tell if it's sour and just ends up with a stomach ache, Jessi, I know what I'm getting you for Christmas. But seriously sour milk is so nasty and I never think to smell the carton before I pour, honestly that grosses me out for some weird reason. But this, this is the solution to never having a ruined breakfast again!

This...this one takes the cake. I had no idea how many smart fridges there are out there. I really think this is pretty much the best one though. This fridge knows what is in your fridge and can make a recipe from it's contents! I know! It has a touchscreen panel and will display recipes based on what you have in your fridge. The lame thing is, is that you have to enter in the ingredients of what's in your fridge, but then it makes up recipes for you. Of course, usually you have recipes in mind when you go shopping, but when it gets down to the wire and you're stretching out the time between grocery shopping trips because it's the bane of your existence, this would be nice. When you come home, "oh man, we have nothing to eat"....oh, well this little awesome gadget will tell you what there is to eat. Awesome!


Big Mama said...

I must have that milk pitcher!!! It would have saved my tummy a time or two :)
Onion goggles? What a great idea!

Jillian said...

Those are freakin' awesome!

Kell said...

Um.. I want that fridge! And I want to be rich so my kitchen can be filled with these amazing gadgets.

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

That milk jug is awesome! Need one. Then again, no. I drink way too much milk so it's won't ever go bad. :) And I cried two nights ago because that onion would just want me to. :( I let water run or use gloves or all that I'm still crying like a total baby about to lose it big time. :(

Happy weekend Sam.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That milk jug is soo cool! I definitely need that because I get so caught up in work I never know when the juice or milk is going bad till I open it!

Jessica said...

As cool as the onion goggles are, chewing gum while you cut an onion is a pretty sure fire trick, I keep a pack in my kitchen drawer. That fridge on the other hand is absolutely fabulous.

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