Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Update

We had a pretty crazy weekend, who doesn't love an extra long weekend thanks to a holiday? It was my first Monday I've had off of work in forever. It felt so nice to just lay in bed and do nothing all day. Ok, so Monday wasn't included in our busy weekend since Hal had to go to class still, and I was super busy reading like 200 pages in my book...real busy.

My weekend actually started off on Thursday night, when my amazing wedding photographer, Duston Todd came over and set up this in my living room.
His equipment pretty much filled my entire living room. He is starting on a new project for a gallery showing in march. I was able to be one of his subjects! A while ago he did an exhibit on death portraits that he took, and now he's starting on portraits about sleep. You can read about both here. So he took some pictures of me first thing in the morning on Friday. Yikes, like literally right out of bed. I'm interested to see how they turn out.

Oh, do you see Hal's head in the bottom of that picture? Duston taught us how to download games directly onto our Wii. Did you know you can get old school games like sonic on sega genesis downloaded onto your Wii? Hello, that's the only video game that I ever really played. Duston showed us some cool demos and Hal spent the rest of the night in that exact spot playing them.

After some time later that day at the social security office I remembered that we had a wedding reception to go to. Oops, it's only Hal's best friend's little sister's wedding. Oops. So we maybe showed up in regular clothes and felt a little bit under dressed the rest of the night.  They were such a cute couple! I did have a little problem though, it seemed like every time I went to take a picture, a little how do I put this nicely...a little chubster got right in the middle of my shot every time.
Ug, He was the torture of my night. It seemed like every time I pulled out my phone he would appear out of no where and just happen to make it into the shot before the shutter closed. Boo on him. Anyway, that last picture was when they were doing a wedding march. It was something I've never seen done at a wedding. Maybe it's a latin thing? They had some latin music playing and everyone grabbed shoulders and traveled around the room in a march and then they went in to do some other things, like the arch that everyone goes under. Hal and I joined the line for a bit, but someone in front of us hopped in the line alone and messed up the whole thing. Not really, but sort of. We hopped out of the line before things could get too crazy. We stayed to hear He-Sam sing his song.
And that's probably the worst picture ever, oh mood lighting and trying to take a picture while dancing aren't the best combination. After the song we went and snagged some more yummy cheesecake and busted out of there.

All weekend we enjoyed ourselves a little bit of some Sweet Tooth Fairy. Don't even worry, I have a whole post coming that's devoted to how delicious that place is.

And the most boo part of the weekend, even more lame that the child who kept getting in my way, was my phone slightly broke. What am I supposed to do without swype in the English language? What kind of update makes the English part of swype corrupt after a while? Boo on that! I'm still dreading to call customer care and have them tell me to try a factory reboot like the guy at the store said they would make me do. Anyone have any suggestion on that because taking out the battery doesn't work...

Then we ended the weekend with a little bit of these:

P.S. If you're looking for a really good two player wii game, Donkey Kong is it!


my name is lauren. said...

that photography project sounds super interesting....excited to hear how they turn out.

oh...and i'm with you on old school video games. craig and i prefer street fighter :).

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That kid was totally photo bombing you all night!

Amy Hansen said...

Sounds like a fun week! Btw I totally think that wedding march thing is a latin tradition. They have done it at two of the weddings I'd done and they were both latin.

Fun stuff!

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