Monday, November 15, 2010

The perfect Oxford - Steven by Steve Madden : Melin

Guys, I'm pretty bummed out. I've been looking for a pair of oxfords for a while now. I used to only wear oxfords when I was little, so It's been hard to decide. I found a pair that I love, and Holy cow, I found it on a website for like 50% off...they were $45! I just looked for them on ebay, and the lowest price is $95. Ebay's supposed to be cheaper, right?

These are the ones that I have fallen in love with. Aren't they beautiful? They are called the Melin and are by Steve Madden's line called Steven. I went to show them to my friend, and they were sold out already on that other site. I didn't have a chance! I didn't know how precious time was! My only hope? I sent them to Hal before they sold out, and he always checks his e-mail now that it's sent right to his phone.

Remember this post? Well, that first dress on that post, went on sale, only in my size right after I posted that and e-mailed the dress to Hal and he bought it for me...although shh, it's a secret since I think he's saving it for Christmas, but I had to try it on to make sure it fit before their return policy was up.  So that is my hope, I know it's a long shot seeing as he already has a Christmas present for me...but a girl can hope, right?


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said... has some of these that are almost identical on their website and I think they're even on sale right now...

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

:( I can't be much of a help in that department although I'm the shopping freak at times. :( But yes, lulus has usually good deals. I don't like ebay at all. I think it's just me, so yeah...whatever works.

My fingers are crossed for you girl. You can hope, and hope may lead to some fantastic result!!! :)


The Boob Nazi said...

My nephew has autism, so he has a "tutor".

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