Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beauty Regimen For the Lazy Girl

I've seen some other bloggers do this and well, since I've taken my test and life has calmed down for a bit I figured I'd share some of my beauty regimen with you all. I don't have a crazy beauty regimen, in fact, thanks to my naturally curly/wavy hair I re-wet my hair in the morning and I'm good to go on that front. So we'll call this a beauty regimen for the lazy girl! Eh? Like them apples? Another side note my nephew calls all fruit apples. So funny....

We'll start first with the most basic thing and what I mostly wear: Mascara. Now they stopped making Maxfactor in the US. I loved their mascara, so I've tried out two since they stopped making it. I'll compare them for you. They're both Covergirl.

I started out with last exact, and since I had seen multiple people post about last blast I decided to try it. I've been wearing it for 3 days now and I'm undecided. The actual brush is huge, like huge. I think I like the brush on the last exact better, it's a little more easy to use. So far I'm not convinced, but sometimes it takes a while to get used to using a new mascara, so I'm not throwing in the towel yet.

MAC makes my favorite lip gloss. Seriously go to the mall, go to Nordstrom, go to the MAC counter and try out their cute little lipglosses. This looks like the kind that I really like. With a little chapstick under them they are smooth and last longer than most regular lip gloss.

And onto hair. Now I don't profess much about hair because I'm pretty lucky with my hair, it does what I want most of the time and it doesn't take much to do it, but in the summer months during the dry heat I have to put product in it, or I end up like this.

So what I use are two different things. Since I mix up my shampoos and conditioners a lot as to not create icky build up, I have realized that one works better with some kinds and so does the other. The main one I love is Sunsilk. I use Captivating Curls styling cream
They changed the look of this and when I went to the store this weekend I had such a hard time finding it because they used to be all green. Either way, it's fantastic for frizz.

I also use biosilk for certain conditioners. I've noticed sunsilk and pantene don't pair well so I use biosilk with that, even when I'm not doing any heating to my hair. That's what biosilk is made for, to protect your hair from heat, but I use it whenever I feel like it because it also makes your hair soft, manageable, and helps with frizz.

 I really like this stuff, it's awesome for when you're blow drying or straightening or even curling your hair. That reminds me, I feel like straightening my hair, I haven't done that since before I got married and I've been in the mood lately. It's really thick, almost like a syrup and you have to wipe off your hands after because it's still on there, but it works really well.

Does anyone else have the problem that after the shower your hair dries really well, but then you go to sleep and you wake up looking like a monster? It drives me nuts, but it beats getting up earlier to shower. So what I've started to do is shower at night and then in the morning I re-wet my hair under the shower head and then just let it air dry with one of the two above products in it and it's all peachy again. I do have the hardest time getting my hair to do much after waking up, but if I re-wet it, it will work great for me. Anyone have any suggestions on this? Even if I try putting my hair in a pony tail with bed head my hair is all over the place and don't want to do the simplest thing. Suggestions, Please?

Ok, my last two products are under the same section: face lotion. I put lotion on every night after I shower and it makes my face happy. This is what I have been using for a while.
It smells so good and I really like it, but it's running out so I thought I would try a new kind.
I love this new stuff. Hal says he doesn't like the smell, but he said that about the lavender one and now he loves it, so I'm sure he'll get used to this new one too. Aveeno makes really good lotion with some natural ingredients. This new positively nourishing stuff makes my face feel so great, probably better than the lavender one.

So that's the main bulk of my beauty regimen. I'll try and keep you updated as I continue to try out new products. Please, share with me your ideas and what you use that you love, so I can try them out too!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm a huge fan of MAC stuff! I use to buy their lipgloss non stop!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Wish we had Aveeno here. I love it so much so whenever I'm over there I buy it, use it, take it with me, and then it's all gone...and I'm having a sad face again. ;)
Just wanted to go out today and buy a new mascara. Used to buy Lash Exact from CG, and after a while didn't like it anymore. Never tried the orange one...maybe I'm gonna buy it today. Usually I wear the one from Clinique...don't recall its name, but yeah. :)
And I use a lot of Neutrogena products. Again, not available here anymore. :( So unfair.
I could go on but then this comment thing will end up huge and we don't want that, do we?! haha.

Have a fantastic day girl.


Sam said...

I think I might try the hair products you use; I have wavy/curly hair and problems with frizz and can't find the best hair products yet. I tagged you in a fun survey thingy on my blog! :)

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