Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Um, Ew.

There is a reason that I didn't put the title up on this post. I knew some people would see it and then not ever read it just because of the title. But I wanted everyone to read this and be as disgusted as I was about this. I promise I won't put a picture up (you're welcome Amy) because I know some people get grossed out at the sight of these.

They're called: Spiders.

(And Amy if you stopped reading right now, I'm just going to tell you when you come into town next week)

Now we've had some adventures with spiders this last week. It seems like lots of babies are hatching or something, maybe i'm crazy, but it totally seems like they're out more than normal right now. Anyway, I have two stories, but they're related.

Last weekend we were over at Hal's parents house and he, his brother, and his friend were drawing with paint markers on the longboards they made (isn't that cool? but that's for another post) and I was asleep on the couch after studying, since it was like 1:30 in the morning. All the sudden I was woken up to a lot of loud cries of "that's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen" "ew, squish it," "get it quick, get a paper towel and flush it" You know, things along that line. So apparently here's what happened. There was a spider on the floor close to Hal's feet. He said he was really fat (did some of you just get what I'm talking about) so he didn't want to squish it all over the floor so he started poking it with his pen. He poked it and it moved so he poked it again. Well, third times the charm, he poked it this time, it stopped moving and all of the sudden in the words of Dane "It's Giving Birth" Um, ew.

Apparently as I just looked it up, some species of spiders carry their babies on their back. How sick is that? Now I told you I wouldn't put pictures up here, but I was brave and found a picture, if you're interested in seeing it up close.

Now I'm not a normal fraidy cat of spiders. I just kill them and move on with my life. So this week Hal and I were coming home and it was dark and I was about to open the door when our sensor light came on and there was a big spider right by our door. It wasn't huge in size, but the body was huge. It grossed me out so bad. So I used the flashlight app on my phone and handed it to hal as he examined the spider. Since we had had our recent disgusting experience we thought we knew what we were encountering here. Abnormally large body? Um, ew. Hal opened the door for me since I was grossed out, I went inside and handed him the bug spray and he went to town. Yes, it did have babies on it's back, and yes we did use the rest of the spray to spray down the entire area around our door to prevent any other baby mamas getting inside.

Normally I love baby things. But you know that saying, a face even a mother couldn't love? That's how I feel about baby spiders. They're worse than normal spiders because you see one and there is probably 800 more of them close by.

A tip I found out? Hairspray works pretty well in killing baby spiders.

Man I keep feeling like there is something crawling on me. Guess that means it's time to stop talking about spiders.

In good news, I bought my Something Corporate tickets and will be enjoying myself this weekend.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Spiders completely freak me out so I won't be looking at the photo! lol

I'm glad you killed the things! Ek!

Kell said...

I had to look at the photo.. curiosity, you know? And now I'm totally grossed/freaked out. EW :(

Selma said...

I so had to look at the photo. Very gross, very ewwwwww...I shivered, goose bumps etc. HELP. :( I can't stand them. I'm sure they're more afraid of us but still...they're gross and we're beautiful. haha.
And believe it or not, I think this year's been the year of spiders...I killed a few at work...with or without some tiny screaming from my side. :(

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

i damn hate them.

ThatFitGirl said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! I threw up exactly 3 times before I even got the part about giving birth. Then I (literally) started saying out loud "oooooh! ooooooh! oooooooh!" and Terry just kept being like, "What?!" I will let him read it for himself while I curl into the fetal position for the rest of the night.
(In case anyone is wondering...yes, this is Amy.)

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