Thursday, September 2, 2010

Return from Oregon

*Sorry if some of you already saw this in Google Reader. I accidentally got a little happy with the publish button. Apparently my first attempt at a scheduled post didn't go so well.

And finally here they are! The pictures I have been promising for like a month. Now that school has started I have a few minutes to sit down and upload them. After we left our little secret hideaway on the beach we drove up the ocean with my sister's family. It ended up being really fun...most of the time anyway.

We started out with the intention to find crab. Hal wanted crab so badly after going to Mo's in Lincoln City, and they didn't have any. So our intent was to drive up the beach and try to find some fresh Oregon crab. The first time we stopped we did the coolest thing of almost the whole trip. We drove on the beach. It was so much fun to drive right on the beach, except when my sister got us stuck and we, I mean they had to push ourselves out. I got some reall cool pictures while driving on the beach.

We had some amazing views driving up the coast. When we drove from LA to San Fran to Medford last year we wanted to drive up the pacific coast highway, but it didn't end up happening, so it was really cool to be able to drive from Lincoln City to Seaside all along the coast. It was awesome, when we would come around a bend and have a view like this

When we were driving up we were looking up restaurants in different cities on my phone. At one point I called some places and asked where their crab was from and none of them had local crab, most of it was from Canada. Well, I thought that was weird, and then I realized that I was calling a city in Michigan with the same name as a town in Oregon. DUH! haha, no wonder. We found lots of places in Cannon Beach that had local crab and ended up stopping at a place called Ecola and Hal finally got his Oregon crab. Ecola had some salt water taffy from a place in Sea Side so we decided to go find it. But first we stopped and took pictures.

I was a little bit disappointed, they had a lot of candy and it was a cool store, but they had hardly any Taffy. Boo. So we found something else to do. Something awesome.

They were the best bumper cars I've ever been on, they turned so easily, it was so much fun. After that we polished it of with an elephant ear. Have you ever had them before? Fair type food? It's so good. I like the classic cinnamon and sugar ones. The Utah State Fair is coming up and I'm excited to get some again. In Sea Side we let go of our message in a bottle that we created when we drove on the beach. We tried to throw it in then, but it just kept washing up right away, so we dropped it in a small river that led to the ocean. Hopefully someone cool somewhere finds it. After Seaside it was getting late so we started heading back towards Portland.
We decided to stop at Multnomah Falls. I don't remember the last time I saw it up close. It was so cool to go up close to it and see it and even feel the spray. To get there you have to drive on this tiny road that was built duing the depression by The CCC. I thought it was so cool after learning about the CCC to see some of the work that they did.

That sign is a Union Pacific sign that said how many miles it is to the next town. It looked so antique. Hal shimmied accross the bottom of the railroad bridge to the sign. You can't really tell in this picture, but he was swinging back and forth.

It was right after this that we stopped for dinner and my sister realized that she forgot to give my nephew drammamine. And that would be when he threw up all over the place in the car. That was awful. I totally got barf on my legs, I was so glad I was wearing pants. Poor Hal was wearing shorts. Hal was seriously amazing, I was so grossed out and turned away as my sister was trying to catch it in the lid of her taco salad which just made it riocheted out and all over the place. Hal grabbed the paper towels and tried to help catch it and clean up. That's amazing. I was just trying not to smell it, and he was helping. Way to go Hal. Way to show me up when it comes to my own nephew. Remember those pillows that I talked about at the end of this post? Yeah, part of the reason we decided to keep them is they got barf on the plastic coverings.

We finished off the ride home the next day with a friend, driving 10 hours in a car without AC. woo! At least it hard core rained through part of the ride home. And I got an awesome tan line on my right shoulder from getting a little burned from sitting in the sun the entire drive home. Ah vacations.


megik said...

AHH! no one told me you guys went to oregan!!! I LOVE IT THERE! last summer i spent in Seaside cuz my friend has a beach house there! if you got ur elephant ears there, i know exactly where you were! haha! im glad you had fun! it is one of my most favorite places on earth!

Kell said...

3 words. Jealous, jealous, JEALOUS!
I've only driven through Oregon on my way to Washington- but it is sooo pretty.

Cinderita said...

I loved Seaside! I just did a coast road trip a few weeks ago and fell in love with Seaside! Glad you enjoyed it too. fun! I've been wanting to find out what married couples do when they aren't planning their wedding. So thanks for offering yourself up for that! I'll be back!

Simply Me said...

I know this comment comes way late than it should but i absolutely enjoyed reading about your trip and the photos ..Me and my hubs we've always wanted to do this road trip all the way from LA to up north ..and you've just made me want to do it even more ...i hope someday ..
Thanks for sharing this :)

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