Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm going somewhere

Next week...I'm outta here! That reminded me of Aladdin, I don't know why. I've spent my morning trying to work on my dumb work computer that got a nasty virus and deleted a bunch of stuff. Luckily it's hooked to a server and you know, we only lost things activated windows system. Dumb. Why virus people why? Did you think I was going to fall for the fake virus protection one again? I didn't fall for it the first time. suckas. Well, I guess I'm the real sucker because is took me a long time to be able to do anything on the computer, let alone blog. Thank goodness for internet phones where I can look up solutions since it wouldn't let me get on the internet.

This week has been really crazy. People are on vacation and people had emergencies so I have kind of been doing the work of a couple of people. Man...I need a vacation. Oh wait, did I mention vacation? Holy yes! Remember when I said that my sister was getting married? Well, it's next weekend. I'm pretty stoked. She's only been waiting like mmm 7 years for this.

So I'm heading out of town for her wedding and then a quick beach trip. I'm kinda bummed actually, I fly out a day before Hal does. It will be our very first night spent away from each other since we got married, almost 2 years. At least I'll be staying with my sister and my friend is flying out with me so I'll have people to stay up super late giggling with.

Wanna guess where we're going? I'll post some pictures and see if you can guess.

Alright, I guess that last one kind of gave it away, huh? I'm going to Portland! I'm going to the beach. Even though the Oregon coast is pretty much always slightly cold, I'm still so excited because it's better than the no beach that we don't have here. Are you guys excited for me? If you've been to Portland feel free to give me suggestions of awesome things to do and awesome places to eat. We were watching a show about yummy breakfast places and they did two from Portland, so I think we're going to hit up one of them on the way out of the airport. Here I come Tin Shed or Helsers!


The Boob Nazi said...

I loooveee the Oregon coast up there. It is so beautiful.

Selma said...

Oh I'm so excited for you girl. Never been to Oregon and always wanted to, and I bet the coast is gorgeous. Now I get to travel through you!!!! take pictures (mine will follow soon!). Portland's supposed to be an awesome city. I have a friend who studied there and loved it. :)

And I'm excited for your sis!!! :) This next week is going to be great Sam...perfect timing for a perfect vacation trip! Yay!

Have a blast!


Jessica said...

I guessed from the first picture...the St. John's Bridge =)

You have to hit up VooDoo donuts but my two favorite places, one which is a must everytime I go home is Papa Haydn's for dessert but I prefer to do TouChe's for dinner and then go to Papa Haydn's for dessert. They are both in the Pearl/NW District of Portland, which is a great part of town. You can spend hours walking around NW 23rd, from there it is a short walk up the hill to the Portland Rose Garden and the place where 90% of pictures from Portland are from.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have a great time on your trip!

Andi said...

I've always wanted to go to Oregon, because I have a friend from college who lives there. What an adorable blog! I saw you liked Mara's headband on mLovesm...come checkout my current giveaway!

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