Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday Trip


We are going somewhere for my birthday. I am pretty excited about it. It's someplace I've never been before. There are a few people coming with us and one of them has never been there either. But she has never been camping before. Can you guess where we are going by these pictures? I'll give you a few pictures to make your guess. Let me know if you guessed right before the giveaway clues.

Alright guys, did you guess yet?!?

I figure that since we're leaving tomorrow night and won't be back until my birthday that I wouldn't have time to make another post other than today. So why not include you all in on my excitement?

If you haven't guessed yet here is a giveaway picture.

Do you know where we're going yet? If not...I think this last picture should be a dead giveaway, unless you're dyslexic or can't read yet.

Are you guys excited for me? Don't the pictures just want to make you come along? We watched a movie on Yellowstone on Sunday night. It was about Yellowstone during the winter, and man, it made me really excited to go! It's such an interesting place, especially from a geological standpoint.

We are planning on camping and going around to all of the big sites during the few days that we're there. We may even hit a hot springs on our way back, on my birthday. So, calling all people who have been to Yellowstone before. What's the must see sites? What's your favorite part about Yellowstone? What's your favorite secret places? We're leaving tomorrow night and staying in Idaho Falls for the night, so leave me your tips quick!


Laura said...

I love Yellowstone and I hoping I get a chance to go there this year with my hubby. I don't know how much time you have, but of course visit Old Faithful and the lodge. There are really cool geysers like rainbow, emerald, morning glory, and I think it's dragon's breath/mouth/cave or something like that (or maybe that's just what we called it as kids). There are the mud pots which was fun when I was a kid, but last time I went they were drying up :( Mammoth Hot Springs. Upper and Lower falls. Jenny Lake and the Tetons. I think by the tetons or something there is a little town that does a western show outside that my dad loved to take us to see.

Drive around a lot and hope that you see some cool wildlife. Have fun!

Mama Rachel said...

You've gotta go to West Yellowstone and take in a show at the Playmill theatre, and be sure to find the little shop that sells salt water taffy in millions of flavors. (I hope that little shop is still there...!)

Have fun and a happy birthday! =)

Scott & Traci said...

Yay! I am glad we get to see you guys! And good choice on a Yellow Stone trip! The last time we went we were engaged and with my niece who was just waiting and waiting to see "The Yellow Stone!" Haha :) Anyway, sorry I don't have any suggestions, but you will love everything that you pack in! :)

Sam said...

That's exciting! I've never been there, but it looks amazing from those pictures. Have fun and happy birthday! :)

mikey and kimby said...

Okay, so I have no advice but I used to go when I was younger (hence the no advice because I don't remember much) but I hope it's amazing and you enjoy it!

Elizabeth said...

I've never been, but my best friend has and she raved about it. She got lots of pictures of cute to look at!

Selma said...

I'm so excited for you!!! Have a blast girl. :)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

How exciting! That places looks beautiful, I've never been there but I hear it's great. Take tons of pictures and happy birthday!

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