Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear You

I am thinking of starting a little segment called dear you, where you can address one issue, or many, and rant or rave about something that has been bothering you or something that is going on in your life.

It goes a little something like this:

Dear car,

Why must you be so evil? Why why? You're paid off and so you decide to break down lots in a row. That's not very nice. What happened to common curtesy? I got everything fixed on you that I knew about so I could register you this month. I had your breaks and your blasted "deep pitting" roters replaced, and I even had my stinkin windshield replaced. Good thing I get free rock chip repairs for life now, I won't be putting that one off again. So after all of this car, you decide to be a jerk and eat up all my gas real quick and smell like gas inside my car. Lame sauce. I will take you in tomorrow since it's probably a gas leak and I don't want to blow up, but so help me if it's expensive I will kick you right in your big focus fanny.

Dear life,

Why did you have to be so harsh today? Is it because I had the day off yesterday. Would it help if I said I don't really care if I had the day off because I didn't even get paid for it? So help me if tomorrow is as crazy busy as today was I am going to pull out someone's hair. Not my own, because well, what if tomorrow is supposed to be a good hair day...then I need my hair, right?

Dear copy machine,

Why do you randomly spit some pages our further than others so I have to restack you constantly? That's just downright rude.

And on a brighter note...

Dear sourdough rolls,

We, and by we, I mean I used you to make sub sandwhiches for dinner tonight. You were delicious. You made my tummy happy.

Dear readers,

Please pray. I received a call from my sister today. They have been trying to adopt a little boy and a little girl from Haiti for a long time now. It's pretty corrupt over there and they wouldn't transfer the little girl to the right orphanage so she could adopt her. The little boy was already in the right orphanage, but the adoption process is lengthy, especially in a corrupt country. Well, the government has given some good news. If you're in the process of adoption then most likely with the current crisis over there you can bring your child home now.

She asked me to pray that her family would qualify and that she could find her social security card, so she didn't have to wait 2 weeks for a new one. So readers, please pray for my sister and the little boy she has been dying to take home for about a year now. I don't remember his name, and I couldn't get a hold of her to have her send me a picture. He looks like a Haitian version of my nephew with big droopy eyes and big ears that stick out. She said the moment she saw his picture he reminded her of my nephew Brayden and she just knew she had to have him. So, please pray, pray that what is supposed to work out will. She has been waiting for a long time for this addition to her family.

This is something close to my heart, and not just because it's my sister. Hal went on his mission to the Dominican Republic. In case you didn't know, that shares an island with Haiti. Luckily, the DR is not a disaster zone right now like Haiti. Hal served with many Haitian people. The other night he talked about how he never really met a Haitian he didn't like. He said they were very sweet people. That is a lot coming from Hal because he had a really hard time with Dominican people and their culture. So not only pray for my sister, pray for all of the orphans, and all of the people there suffering.

I like this segment idea. Now, I'm not too savvy with html and linkages, so I will just start tagging my Dear You posts. If you would like to join in feel free! You can steal the little icon that I made, or you can make one for yourself.


The Boob Nazi said...

I fully support the "dear you" segment. I love it.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I hope everything works out and your sister can the baby!!!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

you are so funny
never buy a v dub mine kills me
your family is im my prayres. i hope she gets that little guy so much. my heart is breaking.

Allison said...

Dear you,
I LOVE your letters! They are so cute- I want some rolls right now! :D I'll also pray for your sister and their adoptee!

Selma said...

I love this idea!!! :) And my thoughts are with you sister, and everyone else in Haiti. I never write about it, but this doesn't mean I don't think about them often or try to help. I just don't want to write about it. That's all. So, my thoughts are with everyone else on this matter. :)
And yes, that segment is a great idea. Oh wait, I already said that.
Have a brilliant day girl.

Selma said...

and now just re-reading my comment...I can't type. I meant with YOUR sister...where did that r go to?! So...I think it's time for me to go to bed. :) haha.

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