Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best. Story. Ever

Guys, I have a great story for you. Lets see if I can tell it to make it as funny as it was in the moment. I'm pretty good at telling stories in real life, you know when you have hand movements and facial expressions to make it awesome, but something seems to get lost in translation when I write out a story, but this one is good, so lets hope I can tell it well. Just imagine lots of dorky faces and large hand movements.

Also, I love seeing people's reactions. So, if you could please e-mail me a picture or maybe even a hand drawing of your reaction, that would be fantastico.

SO, Grant and Brittany are going to Haiti. (alright, not funny so far) They were supposed to leave today for Haiti and I really wanted to help donate supplies (which by the way they now aren't leaving for another week, so if you want to donate, you still have time!) I had the inspiration in the shower (where inspiration naturally should happen) to contact my relief society president and let her know about this. Anywho, I sent her an e-mail at like 11 pm on Monday night hoping that she would see it in time. Well, Tuesday morning before I even got to work to check my e-mail and see if she saw it the stake relief society president called me and said she saw my forwarded e-mail and would like to donate. I was so stoked that we were off to a good start!

That night we were over at my dad's house talking about his play and working out things before the auditions this weekend. He had a huge extra box lying around that he gave us so we could leave it by our door in case we weren't home and since it was supposed to snow. I even wrote Haiti Relief Supplies on the box so people would know. So we went off to the good old Costco to get supplies from us and from my dad. Hal wanted to get a huge cherry pie because "it's only $10 and it has no red food coloring" I felt bad for him since most red things do and let him get the pie. Well, his best friend calledas he often comes over after he gets off work and Hal told him to bring some whipped topping for the pie.

We got home and set up the box and bit later I heard a knock on our door (it's not on the front of the house). I said oh, it must be Sam since people don't usually come back there. Hal was so silly that night so he went and turned off all of the lights in the laundry room (that's where our front door is, and there are no windows on that side of the house, so it's pitch black if you turn off the lights). So he turned off the lights, went to the door and opened it just a crack to stick part of his head out and says "tiene la crema" (essentially, do you have the cream?) I hear mumbling and hear hal go, "oh sorry, I thought you were my friend." HAHA! It was a guy Hal home teaches who didn't see the box next to the door. Like a 40 year old dude. He was just like "what?" Greatest thing ever! Hal was so embarrassed.

A minute later we had another knock on the door and I was glad Hal didn't do it again because it was my visiting teacher who didn't see the box. Seriously people, the box was huge.

Oh, and I have another funny story from that same night! You guys are so lucky!

Hal came to bed really late that night and I woke up in the middle of the night and he was upside down in the bed with his bare feet too close to my face for comfort (SICK). I tried to wake him up, but he wouldn't wake up. I kept asking him why he was at the foot of the bed and he would mumble something. Then I patted him on the face and asked him again why he was at the foot of the bed, and he said "puppies"...'cause that makes so much sense. He finally woke up enough to move and laid sideways across the bed, squishing my legs. What the heck, Hal? It took me like 5 minutes to get him to lay in bed so I could actually go back to sleep.

He is definitely a sleep talker, and apparently it must rub off on me, he said the other night I woke him up by saying "we must sedate him." Guess I shouldn't watch Catch me if you can right before bed.


my name is lauren. said...

This is a funny story. I know what you mean thoughabout stuff getting lost in translation. I feel like I'm never as funny ony log as I am in real life. Not that I'm bragging about being super funny but you know what I mean...

Oh...and I empathize with you for having a sleep talking hubs. Mine scares the crap out of me when he does it cause he's half awake and will start freaking out like somebody's trying to break into the house. Then he falls back asleep and I'm wide awake. No bueno.

Also...a ton of peeps asked about the
wall clockso illblog it tomorrow!

The Boob Nazi said...

Awesome. I love helping others. I wish I had money to help.

Allison said...

Haha, I LOVE IT! I'm sure Hal must love it too, knowing that you've publicized his love for sleep-snuggling and talking! :D

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha, love the stories! That's great that people donated stuff for your friends to take over!

Selma said...

Funny story, and I also loved the one about you guys talking in your sleep. You should totally write it all down...sometimes it's just way too funny. "we must sedate him - puppies". Yes, it makes soooo much sense. ;) haha! Thanks for sharing! :D

ThatFitGirl said...

Bahaha! That is excellent! I enjoyed that story thoroughly.

grant + brittany said...

Sam, we can't thankyou enough for your help. And just so you know... we've been using that same box, we put it on our porch too! So thankyou thankyou thankyou! We really can't thankyou enough. I'm staring at the huge pile of stuff in awe. I just love everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my name is lauren. said...

Yes yes! Tell your sister about heart roasters. So good.

Also...I am absolutely with you on feeling tired after crying. I always get super tired. Hence why the nap comes after the good cry :). And yes...that is my handwriting in the picture. I like writing and doodling.

Hope you're having a lovely day and thanks for your fun comments.

Elizabeth said...

Oh feet. Yuck.

JMay said...


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