Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I saw myself today...I saw my future on the trax train

I was riding back from school today and a woman made her way through a very crowded train to sit next to a boy. She sat there for a moment and then turned to him and asked if she could remove the sticker from the back of his shirt. She said that she was OCD and she was twitching at the thought of it being there from across the train so she had made her way over to him. Luckily for her the seat next to him opened up...

Listening to her I saw my future if I let my OCDs get worse with age.

I laughed to myself listening to her and then I realized wait a minute...that could totally be me, except for the fact I don't like to talk to strangers. But I guess when you are OCD you do what needs to be done to meet your OCD standards.

Now I feel like reading a David Sedaris book and laughing at his OCD with touching the back of people's heads.

I have a bunch of posts to make...so hopefully I have time to make them this week. Look forward to pictures!

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