Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dane's Birthday

I had to post these pictures because an event like this deserves to be posted about. I must say that boys are hilarious, and even though my sisters and I may do weird things, this is totally a boy thing.
A nice little family celebrating Dane's 17th with his chocolatey chocolate cake ala costco
Matilda! Have you ever seen Matilda? Remember the part where the kid has to eat the whole cake or go in the chokey?

Yes, that is my husband's face on the back of his head about to push his face into the cake.
Why not give Dane a chocoalte Fohawk?

And yes, that is a fully lit candle on his head.
Why would you want to celebrate your birthday any other way?


Scott & Traci said...

Haha that is amazing, thanks for posting pictures! Silly Brothers :) So I'm guessing you didn't get any cake after it had been all over Dane? Sad day ;)

Anonymous said...

Hee hee I wish we'd been there to smear some cake on the birthday boy! That is funny.

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