Friday, May 30, 2008

Good and bad news

So today was a mixture of good and bad news.

I heard back from Wheeler Farm and he said they were booked already on the 11th. I might go down there just to make sure because his e-mail was kind of odd.

Oddly I checked my e-mail and my sister Amy had sent me an idea. I hadn't told her about wheeler farm, but she sent me an e-mail with links to mansions that you can rent out for even cheaper than Wheeler Farm would have been. I'll have to look into that more. I did find some that were very cool. We would have to find one with a really large open room where we could remove the furniture from.

Also, I was looking online today at a bunch of photographers and I found one that I really really like. His name is Duston Todd. Go check out his website! He also has a ton of pictures on his blog. so go check that out as well. I really like his work, even though some of his pictures are taken outside my work. We have a joke about getting engagements and bridals done in the plaza between Newhouse and Boston buildings because there are people here getting them taken multiple times a week.

Hal and I went to Colorado last weekend and my sister did a photo shoot of us along a river walk in Pubelo. Somehow between Hal's house and mine the CD with the pictures got lost. Luckily Amy still has them and Hal's dad uploaded them to his laptop. So I'll post them as soon as I get them again. Some of them are really cute, even engagement picture worthy.

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PinkyLunt said...

His pictures are amazing. I love his style of photography. Where did you find him??

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